Impact of Digital Marketing

Impact of Digital Marketing

In this blog post, I will try focusing on Digital Marketing and how it has impacted the world of commerce and the internet.

Let us first understand what is marketing and how it benefits the world of doing business.

Marketing is a concept where a seller of goods and services is showcasing his product to a huge set of audience.

It includes describing the product or service along with its benefits followed by the costs.

By doing this the buyer is well aware of the product or service beforehand, this will ensure that the buyers have the required information and the list of options before making a purchase.

The right type of marketing is a key factor in turning a business profitable.

But the traditional form of marketing had certain flaws in it, this included the limited outreach to the audience as it was a cost-effective process.

With the advent of the internet, the world of marketing had witnessed a drastic change.

Individuals from different parts of the world could connect and share information.

This was the time where digital marketing became a very powerful tool for businesses.

They could now reach out to millions of individuals from any part of the world.

The rise of e-commerce could be witnessed where the biggest players like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay are all businesses which rely on digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Many news portals and bloggers use digital marketing as a tool to monetize their websites.

By using the right keywords and tags an article could reach millions of viewers around the world.

These articles are often ranking in Google mainly because of digital marketing and SEO.

This new type of marketing has many advantages over the traditional form of marketing mainly because of its ability to reach out to millions of people around the world with minimum costs while compared to the traditional form.

Another tool of digital marketing is creating social media campaigns on various social media platforms.

This has proved to be very beneficial for businesses as the outreach through social media is in billions.

Email direct marketing has proved to be a useful tool for many businesses.

Various job portals and placement consultancies quite often use Email marketing as a tool to reach out to individuals looking for a new job or a job change.

Real estate has seen quite a boom with new players emerging in the market and using the right digital marketing strategies to reach out to sellers and buyers of property.

Social media Interaction is another area where businesses have enjoyed the benefits and sure the consequences.

Allowing individuals to share their feedback online through social media platforms has turned out to be beneficial for businesses.

Individuals who want to purchase anything online could first thoroughly read the feedback of the previous customers.

Businesses can now easily understand the pros and cons of the service or product provided.

Artificial Intelligence is also being used for various reasons in digital marketing.

Automated Chatbots are being used by many businesses to reach out to their customers without wasting any of their time.

These chatbots are used to take feedback or record certain common queries of its customers.

Thus digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools to connect buyers and sellers at any place and at any time.

But one disadvantage that can be witnessed is that digital marketing can only be used with the internet.

This would limit the reach to places without internet or with slow internet connections.

Gaining recognition is another task as there are millions of players in the market who are already well established in the space.

This is a problem because when an individual decides to buy a specific product from a specific company and looks online.

A similar company could use targeted advertising to appear on the customers’ homepage.

Thus giving them various alternatives which could be cheaper, or of better quality or just easily delivered.

This new form of marketing has proved to be beneficial for thousands of businesses.

As there are no limitations on the geographical reach that digital marketing can have, various businesses operate from one part of the country whereas their audience or viewers are on other parts.

The concept of digital marketing has led to the creation of many career opportunities as well.

A digital marketing professional is often responsible for marketing a product or search through the internet.

By using the right SEO tools, social media platforms, and web analytics, the outreach can be phenomenal.

These professionals are usually creating social media and email marketing campaigns to shows a product or service.

They also perform various types of research in order to reach out to new customers from around the world.

Analytics is another tool which will allow marketers to analyze the traffic information in order to influence the buyers.

One of the main advantages of digital marketing is that any startup with the right content, product or service could use digital marketing and enabling them to compete with the bigger and well-established players in the market.

Thus the traditional form of marketing was a great start for the businesses but digital marketing surely will be the dominating field in marketing for decades to come.

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