Local SEO: How Can Local Seo Help Your Business?

Local SEO

Do you want to rank your website or business on the topmost search engines like Google, Bing, etc?

As we all very well familiar with blogging and online businesses through blogging.

Nowadays scope of this stream is consistently increasing due to which it is becoming popular.

So let’s move forward and let you know more about local SEO.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website in order to take it on the top of the searches.

SEO strategies can be applied to this process so as to optimize the website in a great manner.

These searches take place on Google and on any other search engines.

The most important point is that people used to search for any websites or online businesses on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

But Google has already captured more than 87% of market shares.

Which indicates that many people prefer to search results on Google.

That’s why this article is based on the optimization of your website on Google.

If you’re a business owner or a website owner and wanted to rank the website on the top then stick to this article where you’ll get to know more.

Before we get started you need to know a few more things, basics should be clear while entering into the ranking system of SEO.

Make sure that your website should be well optimized for mobile visitors.

As 61% of mobile visitors are more likely local businesses if they have their own website which is mobile friendly.

For making your website mobile friendly you must use ‘Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool’.

Also, make sure that your website does not contain any garbage like useless contents.

If you’re doing proper SEO of your website but it includes useless content then it will be a bad impression on visitors.

These were the stuffs which should be noted well.

Actual strategies of local SEO

1) Optimisation Of Website

If your website is not optimized in a good format then it will be difficult for you climbing SERP’s.

For local SEO you need to do more improvement compared to standard one.

As mentioned below are a few techniques which can be used.

Contact Page Must Be Created

Nowadays people want to see more details about your businesses as they need some kind of trustworthy so to deal with your website.

Contact us page for your website can clearly show what your website is all about and how they can contact you.

You can provide them complete information related to get in touch with you.

While making contact us page make sure you must include Name, Address & Phone clearly.

Apart from this my recommendation would be also providing an email so that they can easily write their queries.

Shown Them Address Of Your Businesses

If you’re owning a business and has an address proof then don’t forget to mention it on your website.

You can mention it in the footer section or on the sidebar of your website.

Showing addresses to the audience will increase the trust which will ultimately more beneficial for your business.

Contact Number Should Be clickable

Nowadays mobile users are boosting up.

When it comes to contact through mobile it’s become common now.

According to the survey, 30% of mobile users are location-based, so it is necessary that your website should be optimized for both mobile and desktop.

And also 76% of mobile local searches are resulting in a phone call.

So I hope you have been got the importance of mobile users.

So make sure your contact number must be clickable.

This will help you when someone finds your website and wanted to have a conversation with you via mobile.

If you provide a phone no. then it will prompt if they’d like to call them.

It is one of the most useful ways to get in touch with your audience.

This will help you to manage all of your audience and Saturday you connected with them.

Adding Maps On Current Location

The whole point of SEO is very useful when your audience finds you.

It is one of the most workable methods.

Adding locations can be built trust on you of your customers.

It’s been proven that 86% of people used to see your locations via Google maps before they get to start doing businesses with you.

Let’s take an example of Starbucks, it’s online as well as offline location is been posted so as to know more about business.

With the help of an interactive map, people get to know more about it.

Adding Testimonials

As local SEO says Google consider testimonials as a trust signal.

Try to collect all of the prominent testimonials of your customers which you can use it for boosting your website.

Adding Testimonials is one of the great ideas for growing the audience.

Adding Schema

Schema.org was discovered just to add some common languages between different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Schema makes easy to understand what your website is all about as it has a hidden feature.

If you add schema mark-up for local businesses, then it shows to Google that your business is a local business and not a big brand.

Due to this user can have easy interaction with you and also get trustworthy.

This can help your website for increasing the ranking.

For using this process or a method you need to have knowledge about HTML coding along with building a website.

It’s pretty easier than any other languages.

Once you optimize your website in a proper way using schema your ranking will automatically boost up and also it will help you to increase local organic traffic as well.

2) Claiming Online Profile

You don’t need to be online always on your website as it does not include any of the strategy related to SEO.

But you have to make sure that your business is properly listed on the most important review platforms like Google My business, Yelp, Facebook and trio advisor too.

Make sure not to forget about local review sites.

Because when it comes to searches google used to follow these websites so as to show results.

  • Trip Advisor
  • Eater Seattle
  • Yealt

This is one of the best strategies which you should apply in order to improve the ranking of your business’s website.

Google My Businesses

If you’re at the beginning and want to enroll your name in the local businesses then my recommendation would be to go and your profile on Google My Businesses which is a great and efficient way to get started.

This profile will manage and allows you to remain active on the search engine.

By filling out your profile completely and also collecting reviews, you’ll get to know that your ranking will spontaneously get an increase.

As due to completing profile Google Maps will also be able to show the complete details about your business.

According to the survey, it has been seen that most of the people (Probably more than 80% of people) used to see your business on Google maps.

So for that, Google My business is a very necessary aspect.

Claiming Other Social Media Profiles

If you are looking for massive audience attractions then you must show your presence on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

Nowadays social media is one of the leading g platforms where a massive amount of users remain active.

And this is a great chance to showcase your Businesses.

While setting up your profile it is necessary to provide complete information on each platform which will surely help you a lot at the beginning.

Local business owners are still using this strategy which is very useful.

Try to remain consistent on social media as it is the key to get to your goal.

As if you’re owning local businesses by setting up your profile it will allow you to get in the results of search engines.

3) Creation Of Local Content

Blogging is one of the most efficient ways in order to rank your businesses.

In case if you haven’t written any blog posts yet, this is the recommended point.

Just go and built a blog, and if possible then host your website with a proper domain name ( choose name properly).

A domain name is as important as your business grows, it will also help you to optimize your site in a great manner.

Let’s take an example of non-hosted and hosted blog ‘www.business.com/blog’ which seems to be non-user friendly, but ‘www.business.com’ looks like an attractive and user-friendly website.

Building A Links

While collecting your blog audience you also need to collect inbound links as well.

One of the strategic ways to get started is to go and have a little bit of conversation with other local businesses blogs.

You might be thinking of avoiding your competitors but it will let you down.

Try to have a direct conversation with them from which you’ll get an idea for building your blog.

Participate in other blogs by leaving thoughtful comments and mention your blog (it is also called backlinks).

But don’t write any negative comments it can be harmful to your blog.

One of the greatest ways is to build relationships with other businesses similar to you, have use of collaborating power.

Collaboration is one of a great way in order to upgrade your business.

Know Whom You Wanted To Target

If you’re done with all of the above strategies but you’re unaware about target then it will be useless.

Get to know at the beginning for whom you’re writing for.

Because it will be more helpful to create valuable content.

Once you get into this you need to understand your targeted neighborhood and demographics too.

Local Content Mistake Which Must Be Avoided

This is very important to know that nor to copy constructor from other websites even from the manufacturers.

As if you do so it will be a bad impact on your profile, and if you’re stealing the content it means you’re not providing legit information to audiences in such case your profile can get ended by platforms of blogging because blogging only allows writing content by your own.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot refer to other websites, you can but make sure not to steal.

4) Get Reviews

It was easier before the internet for bad businesses to spin their business and dupe customers.

We must thank the internet for providing such great features like reviews.

Now what I mean this at is after getting any of the order done you should ask your customers to write a feedback/review including 1-5 stars.

It will give your website different look as it can also be helpful to get in the top results of Google if you get required positive reviews.

5) Building Citations

Citations mean mentioning your names, address, contact no., Location, etc even if they don’t have any link with your website.

Citations are very useful for local SEO methods as it opens signals up to 13% of the local pack ranking factor.

Make sure you should make citations only for local businesses, for virtual one it is not acceptable.

You will also be able to build unique citations for each of the businesses you own.

So these were the ways which be used in order to do local SEO of your businesses.


As we’ve seen various different methods for doing local SEO for your businesses, you want you can go with any of these methods but make sure not to steal the content of any other blog, this can ultimately affect your profile as well.

The most efficient way to do SEO is to use keywords having a huge amount of audience base.

Keywords can make your website more user-friendly, the search engine will also be able to find your website easily without search a lot.

So why to wait, let’s begin.

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