Role of Digital Marketing in Present Scenario

Role of Digital Marketing in Present Scenario

Digital Marketing has become a name very usually heard of these days.

There are professionals working in this field and then there is a part of the common public that still is curious about it.

It includes students, working professionals and others.

There are fewer topics hotter than this now a days on the internet.

So, what makes digital marketing such a popular thing?

To know this we have to first know what exactly is it.

Digital Marketing can be defined as the process of using digital channels like social media, youtube etc. for the promotion, distribution and sales of a product to the interested customer.

This makes it quite interesting to know that the rate of growth, sales generated and whether there are any areas of improvement can also be dealt with this.

That being said, let’s dive a little deeper into this and let us understand it in layman’s terms:

You have a product to sell, and you wish to reach as many customers (known as audiences) as possible.

There are two ways to deal with it.

Either choose the conventional way and start with old-school techniques like pamphlet distribution, hoardings, boards, flexes etc.

Or you can go digital.

This is exactly where the concept of digital marketing comes into picture.

It (digital marketing) enables you to reach the customer and audiences of your type, your common interests.

It is also a better way to a start because one, it is an underspent area.

Meaning that the amount that should be spent so rightfully deserved on the digital platforms, is not actually given to it by many companies.

Two, the platforms provided by Digital Marketing, open up to a great extent.

Meaning you can be a seller or a buyer even at the global level if you choose it to be.

There is no limit on anything.

And yes, it’s true.

You wish to focus on professionals who mean business and will right away talk about the deal, you got it(LinkedIn for example).

You wish to create awareness about your brand, you got a platform for that too (social media channels majorily and many others).

And the tracking feature is sub-par too.

With the conventional ways, you cannot know how much revenue a said board advertising your product at a particular location or a distributed pamphlet brought in, everything is highly trackable.

Making Digital Marketing a way of advertising where the corrections based on the performance of your chosen digital channels can be performed almost anytime, easily.

There is a lot that can be taught, informed or educated about the Digital Marketing and it’s role in present day.

It’s useful for all (sellers and customers) alike.

And it’s applications can as many as you want it to be.

Comes in both the options of getting customers i.e. free(organic) and paid.

One can choose accordingly.

I hope that I have touched some interesting strings about Digital Marketing in this article.

I leave the rest up to you for further discussion.

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